The United Kingdom is a world leader in education with superior education system. UK offers world class education with excellent research facilities that can make a true difference to the future of students. UK degrees are internationally recognized and widely accepted. Top 4 universities of the world are based in the UK. The country attracts more than 650,000 international students every year from more 200 countries.

Courses in the UK

The country is home to some of the best universities in the world, which attracts students from all over the world including India.

Duration of Courses

Short term courses are of 6 Months duration. Part time Certificate courses are of one year duration. Duration of Undergraduate course is three to four yours. While postgraduate degree is normally one year.

Student life in the UK

As an international student, you’ll find an array of exciting experiences and opportunities to mingle with different people and explore exotic places.

Cost of Study & Life in UK

The UK is fantastic place with rich heritage and high quality educational institutions. Its diverse culture and freedom attract students from all over the world.

Tuition frees ranges from £7,100 to £9,100 for Arts courses and £7,400 to £11,000 for Science courses. Estimated cost of living per year is between £6,000 – £8,500. All international students will have access to free NHS Medical care if they are studying for more than six months.

Part Time Work option for Students

Degree Students- Maximum 20 Hours per week during course term Language Courses- Maximum 10 Hours per week Full time work is allowed during vacations after getting work permit(Tier 2)

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