Europe has been a dream overseas destination for Indian students. High standard of living, quality education and permanent residence opportunities after studies make study in Europe, one of the favorite overseas academic programs of Indian Students. Studying in Europe provides a rare and marvelous opportunity for both career and personal development. There are more than 3900 institutions in Europe for higher education.

 Best Study in Europe Destinations  for Indian Students

Every year approximately 50000 Indian students take admission in different institutes in Europe. Although UK and Germany were the popular destinations now counties such as Latvia, Moldova have become more attractive due to affordable tuition fees and low cost of living. Easy admission procedures and friendly people have made Europe, one of the top overseas destinations for all branches of education. Many students look forward to European countries for acquiring their degrees due to high standard of living and career opportunities in Europe, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and other counties. Employers around the world value the quality of European education and students get easy placement after completion of study.

Why Study in Europe a favorite Program for Indian Students?

  • In Europe more than 12000 undergraduate courses are taught in English.
  • The distance from India to European countries is less than overseas study destinations outside Europe thus reducing the cost of travel.
  • Second preferred study overseas destination of Indian students
  • Tuition fees in many universities are subsided by Government
  • Affordable cost of living
  • High quality education and availability of scholarships
  • Part Time Work Permitted
  • Affordable Health Insurance scheme for students
  • Trade partnership between India and European countries
  • Safe, friendly and clean environment. Seven out of the world’s happiest countries are in Europe.
  • Collaboration between India and Europe for promoting students exchange programs

Favorite Study in Europe Institutions for Indian Students:








Medical University - Pleven


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