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The PhD external programs provide opportunities to professionals employed in different organizations to pursue research degrees in various field of study. The external PhD program in India is specially designed for professionals who want to update their skill and seek advanced knowledge in their area without leaving their jobs. Some many universities and colleges offer external PhD in India. Part-Time External PhD Programs are open to candidates employed in different organizations and desirous of pursuing the doctorate programs while in the job.

Part-Time External PhD Programs- Overview

Part-Time External PhD program in India aims to enable the successful working professional to pursue their academic career by providing them the theoretical knowledge about the contemporary issues in the area of research. External PhD programs enhance the research skills of the scholars and enable them to generate perfect solutions to the complex problems in their field of activities. This research program allows scholars to apply theoretical competency in the area of operations and exhibit the analytical skills to critically analyze the issues and ask them to the problems they face.

Part Time External PhD – Eligibility

Candidates with Master’s Degree of any recognized University in the relevant subjects with minimum 55% marks can apply for this doctoral program. Or Passed the entrance examination conducted by the University at the national level Or Candidate is currently employed for the last two years.

Professional Experience Required

The candidate should have completed full-time employment of a minimum of 2 years of service as on the deadline of application. Please visit the university website for more details. 

Note: The eligibility conditions vary University to University. Generally, the applicants selected for doctoral programs under External PhD are not eligible for any stipend/financial assistance from the universities.

So please visit the website of concerned University for eligibility details & stipend. Eligibility conditions, Age limit, and financial assistance are explained in the website of universities offering part-time External PhD programs in India.

External PhD Programs in Kerala, Tamil Nadu

For the details of universities & colleges offering Part Time External PhD programs in Kerala, Tami Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan, please contact us. We offer guidance for external PhD in management, Commerce, Computer Science, Psychology, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Political Science, Public Administration,  Nursing, Para Medical, Laboratory Technology, law, English Literature, Music, Yoga, Environmental Science, Botany, Physics, Chemistry, Disaster management, Education and other Part Time External PhD Programs  in India,

Why Study Sure ?

Study Sure is the leading Educational Consultants in Kerala for PhD External admission guidance in India. We offer proper guidance and assistance in all the matters of PhD programs. Listed below are some of the services we provide

  • Topic Selection Assistance
  • Thesis Writing Assistance
  • Research Paper Writing Assistance
  • Project Report Assistance
  •  Synopsis Writing Guidance
  • Plagiarism Checking Assistance
  • Data Analysis Assistance
  • Viva-voce Assistance
  •  Thesis Publications Assistance

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